Health and security: outbreaks and crises


The Bulletin welcomes submissions on the topic of this year’s World Health Report  -- "Health and Security: Outbreaks and Crises".  We are seeking relevant papers for the different sections of the Bulletin on health security and preparations for unpredictable events and how countries can plan for health development. Of particular interest are articles that evaluate how planning and preparation can mitigate the impact of natural disasters, human conflicts, and infectious disease outbreaks. Also, we are interested in prospective research that tests whether such investments in planning and preparation can be used to strengthen health systems in the wider sense. Papers on the role of timely and accurate information, collective action, and accountability are also welcome. Papers submitted will be subject to the Bulletin's usual peer review process and will be published before 15 October, 2008.

Relevant papers for all sections of the Bulletin should be submitted online at

The Bulletin's guidelines for contributors and information on how to submit your manuscript can be found at: information for contributors.